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Our Community is based in an organization which mission is to gather all Angolan residents, Angolan American and any other communities that share our vision regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social or political status.


Bringing together Angolans in our region to keep our tradition alive and pass it on to our children born here in the Diaspora - Celebrate in community the great national events such as peace treaty deal, national independence, and many events that the... 


Your generous support will help fund projects like:​​​

.Children programs​:

  1.  Back school. 

  2.  Children Christmas party

.Community events:

  1.  Independence Day celebration.

  2.  Angolan Association Gala.

  3.  Peace treaty deal

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Steps to be an active member;

Sign up for a membership

Meet the association personnel

Attend events such as flag day at Brockton City Hall, National Independence day, the peace treaty deal, childrens christmas party, etc

Latest Activity

Annual Agenda

February 15

Valentine's Day Dinner at Luanda Lounge & Restaurant

April 18

Flag Day at Brockton City Hall