National Flag Day

Angolan flag day represents all Angolan citizens around the World. It was an honor to be standing here to celebrate a National Flag Day. Here in New England, we do celebrate on the second week of April. And we have being doing it since the first day we hoist our National flag at the City Hall of the City of Brockton. We are so grateful to all members of Brockton City Hall Committee for your support and commitment. It has been an honor to be part of this community

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Committee members of A.A.N.E

A memorable celebration of a Angolan Flag Day at Luanda Restaurant

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Mayor of Brockton
Mr. Robert F. Sullivan

The mayor of Brockton delivering his speech during the Angolan flag celebration at City Hall of Brockton.

A.A.N.E representatives at City Hall

Photo op during a Angolan Flag Day